First Week of Me-Made May

I had planned on posting these outfits to my blog daily, but my work schedule has been tough, so I haven't been able to do that. My apologies for the long, picture-heavy post.

Here are the latest outfits I've worn for Me-Made May:

Me-Made May Day 4
Lady Skater Dress and BurdaStyle Denim Jacket
 and a close-up of one of my favorite necklaces that I've made:

Me-Made May Day 4
I believe I saw the inspiration necklace on caseymaura.com
 It turned rainy and cold one day, so I had a chance to wear a hand-knit pullover:

Me-Made May Day 5
Climbing Vines Pullover by Joëlle Meier 
 Expecting similar weather the next day, I wore my favorite umbrellas pullover:

Me Made May Day 6
Umbrellas Pullover by Joji Locatelli
 It ended up being warm and sunny. Go figure.

 The next outfit carried me through a VERY long day at work in comfort.

Me-Made May Day 7
Easy Knit Skirt from Gertie's vintage casual book
 And here I am in my sewing room for the Friday Challenge (show your sewing space).

Me-Made May Day 8 (in my sewing room)
New Look 6828
 I've already come to realize that I've been sewing an awful lot of knits. I like to sew them. They're easy and comfortable to wear. They're also quick enough to fit in a busy schedule...but...I feel more put together when wearing structured items like woven blouses and lined pencil skirts. I'm going to work on making more things like that!

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Sharon said...

Nothing wrong with knits they have their place but I know what you mean about wovens. Trying to do daily posts during MMM is difficult so don't apologise most of us understand.