Butterick 5559

In 2011, I made this Maggie London dress for myself and it quickly became a favorite, despite the color not being a shade I was overly fond of. I like brown, but generally favor a darker bittersweet chocolate shade...dark like espresso. This brown was just too chocolate milk for me.

What I loved about this dress was that it looked refined enough for wearing to work, but felt like a nightgown on. What's not to love about that? It was also fitted enough for layering. I often wear a cardigan or jacket over it.

Unfortunately, since 2011, I've gained some weight and could no longer squeeze into that dress :(

Solution: make another in my current size AND in a neutral I love:

I predict this is going to be a staple in my wardrobe.

I like how the pleats meet on the side:

I just wish I had taken out a little bit of length in the back, above the waist seam. But no big deal. I think those wrinkles are exaggerated a bit by my posture in this picture. 

And, I'll probably wear it with a topper during our chilly seasons anyway.

I sewed the denim jacket a few years ago as well. It's also one of my go-to pieces. Perhaps I should make another in a different color? When something works, it works!


Jenava said...

wow, the new dress looks amazing! the color is much better than the brown...I feel the same way about the medium brown color. Plus, you don't look like you've changed in size; it's super flattering and slimming. I'd ask you to make one for me, but I can't do dresses till I'm done breastfeeding.

Amy Stanton said...

Thank you, Jenava!

Erin said...

That gray is super sleek! It looks great on you!

Nicole said...

Ultra cute! What a sewing marvel you are!

Amy Stanton said...

Thanks Erin & Nicole!!

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