Peek-a-Boo Patterns Classic Sweatshirt

This is hands-down the most successful item I've sewn in a long while. How am I judging success? I'm judging it by the fact that I can't get my daughter to stop wearing this sweatshirt long enough to put it in the wash. She sleeps in the darned thing, lol.


It's just the thing to wear when hanging out in the slightly cool fall weather.


Or when trying to go incognito...


I had to make one pattern alteration: the neck opening was too snug to get over the head easily. There is a note about this possibility in the instructions, but not a clear explanation of how to go about making the alteration. I just winged it. Essentially, I made a mark 1/2" lower than the center front of the neckline on my pattern and used a curved ruler to connect the new spot to the top edge of the front piece.  This, of course, made the hood's overlap slightly less, but I even think that's an improvement.

As with all of the Peek-a-Boo patterns I've purchased, the instructions are clear and each step is illustrated with a photo. The instructions didn't suggest this, but after examining my son's Gap hoodies, I decided to reinforce the shoulder seams with clear elastic. I also did some extra top stitching above the hem and the cuffs to control the seam allowance. I found this kind of top-stitching in a few store-bought sweatshirts I examined.

Speaking of top-stitching, I used a faux serger stitch on my Bernina to top-stitch the edge of the pockets and really like how it turned out.


It nicely bound the edge on the interior. While I have a serger, I sometimes find the regular sewing machine easier to control when accuracy is needed. 


Can I show off a little bit? Look! I matched the patterns!


My one disappointment with this hoodie is the fabric. I bought the sweatshirt fleece from Girl Charlee. While other fleeces from the shop have been fantastic, this one pilled after its first trip through the wash. I don't expect it to look great for long. 

I had to search high and low for ribbing fabric that looked ok with the main fabric. It's hard to find!! I found some at a local shop--they carried more of it than many of the online shops I visited.


sallyavena said...

Love it! Your workmanship is impeccable...the pattern matching amazing! I've been searching for good sweatshirt fabric and have yet to find any. Everything pills too easily. I wonder where you get store quality sweatshirt material...it has to exist because the nice store ones don't pill at all.

Amy said...

Thank you, Sallyvena! I do have some of the solid colored sweatshirt fabric from Girl Charlee and it's great.

Kristi Andres said...

Nicely done! Our daughters could match. My 10 year old has sweats pants out of the same fabric! I might have to add it to sew cool. I haven't noticed that it pilled that bad, but maybe I just haven't been looking!

Skirt Fixation said...

Wow, that's really nice! We're going to have to try that pattern. Thanks for the review.

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