Outfit Along - Finished!

I didn't know if it was going to pull off finishing the Outfit Along until about 8:00 last night. I'm so glad I pushed myself to finish on time, because I got to join the parade of beautiful and creative outfits over at the Untangling Knots forum on Ravelry. It's exciting and inspiring!

Unfortunately, my photographic efforts left a lot to be desired this time around. I was struggling with exhaustion (brutal soccer game last night) and challenging lighting conditions. Here are the two pieces I made for the OAL:


The sweater pattern is Marion by Andi Sutterland and the dress is Simplicity 1803. The dress qualifies for the Summer Stash Bust Along, since I used some cotton that had been languishing in my closet for a year or two now. I loved the colors and the large roses, but couldn't figure out what to do with it since it was transparent and prone to wrinkling. It dawned on me that lining it with cotton batiste might help and it did just that. The dress is nicely opaque, and while it does wrinkle a bit during wear, it's nowhere near as bad as it would have been without the batiste.


Fitting alterations included a full-bust adjustment and cutting out a larger size for the skirt. I did not size down like some of the other participants in the OAL, because I do like a little bit of positive ease in my clothes. I like to breathe :) I think those adjustments would have been enough if I had added sleeves, but since I didn't, the fit of the straps was more important than ever. There is a little too much slack in the back which could have been fixed with a forward shoulder adjustment. It doesn't make the dress unwearable, just a tiny bit less comfortable than it could be. No one would see this issue. It's more a matter of feel.


The sweater is probably one of the better fitting ones I've ever made. Much of this is due to Andi's skillful design. I enjoyed the top down construction technique she employed. It allowed me to try the sweater on as went.


I also employed some of what I learned in Amy Herzog's Craftsy Class for sweater fitting. First, I chose the size based upon my upper bust measurement and worked horizontal darts for bust shaping. I also knew I needed the hem to be wider than Andi's measurements, so I worked fewer decreases at a slower rate along the sides. I also shortened the sleeves so they ended near my waist--I'd much rather emphasize that than my hips or bust. I can button it as well, but probably will never wear it that way...but just in case, it closes nicely.


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Jen said...

Hi Amy!

I just read your comment on the Bronte Top pattern and your issue with the borders not being there on all pattern pages.

There is definitely a full border on all pattern pages (or there should be!) so I was just wondering if you needed to scale up when you printed your pattern? If so, the tiled pieces may have gone off centre in the process, which would have cut some of them off when you printed.

I'd recommend re-centring your pattern before you print again, and hopefully this will solve your issue. If not, let me know and I'll try to do some more trouble shooting for you. You can email me at jenniferlauren.is@gmail.com


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